His Majesty's Theatre

A four-part serialized historical novel

Publisher's note: This award winning four-part serialized historical novel is perfect for Downton Abbey enthusiasts. Filled with the history of the British theatre and allusions to Shakespeare, His Majesty’s Theatre is set in Victorian England circa 1887 through 1904. The characters come from all echelons of British society, highest to lowest, gay and straight, educated and illiterate, working in the theatre currently named Her Majesty’s, which changes according to the gender of the Monarch. Only working in a theatre could these desperate individuals interact as equals. Professional rivalries, jilted lovers, and finally a murder bring them all together under one roof: His Majesty's Theatre.

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“A fun read … The actors’ chapters often present intriguing setups… good plotlines.” - Kirkus Review of Not From The Stars

"This story has all the requirements of a Shakespearian play; star-crossed lovers, controlling fathers, and cruel betrothal arrangements…" - OnlineBookClub Reviewer

“Fascinating and delicious novel of the backstage world of Edwardian theatre." - Stephanie Cowell, author of Marrying Mozart


I Want To Go To Lithuania, or How To Have Fun With Your Aging Parents

Available in paperback and e-book.


"Sensitive and empathetic; offers excellent suggestions for coping with the harsh reality of caring for elderly parents." 

- Kirkus Reviews


"…an insightful, unique approach to helping people cope with the demands of dealing with the elderly."

John J. Daly, M.D., NYC Police Surgeon, St. Vincent's Hospital, NYC


"…a great resource for caregivers, whether they are children of aging parents or professionals working in a healthcare setting."

Donna Malech, R.N., P.H.N., Visiting Nurse Service, NYC

Amazon best seller

Book Excellence Award Finalist


One Man's Music

Available in paperback, e-book, and audiobook.



“A beautifully written story filled with wit, music and romance.”

- Donna Rauch, Barnes & Noble


 “… Readers will be immediately drawn into the story, and will find it hard to leave until the dramatic conclusion.”  

- Manic Readers


“Even if you’ve never been into music, you’ll love this book.”

- Jean Dean, WRVC Radio


“…Captivating… a real page turner, trust me.”  

- Mary Jones, WDRC Radio


"...a unique blend of music, obsession, and a young girl's coming of age. You can almost hear the music..."

- Debby Schoeningh, Editor of The Record-Courier    


“...the musical references are totally accurate and believable… witty, emotional, and written with extreme personal insight…”  

- William Shookhoff, Conductor of Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, Canadian & Netherlands Opera Companies

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